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  • "my M109R BOSS went into the shop to get repaired, When I got my bike back it was like a whole new bike. the guys did a great job Thank You"

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    Everett Winslow - san pedro, CA
  • "The new tires that you recommended are SUPER, performs better then before. The service was so fast I thought it was a "pit stop". Thanks I'll be back again."

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    Dennis Curtis - Hawthorne, CA
  • "I was looking for a place outside of a stealership and outside of ordering online for some sand tires for my wife's KFX 700. They were the closest motorcycle parts store to my house so i took a ride over there. I spent 2 hours talking with Mark and Daniel about sand tires, prices, how we could get the best deal, trying to put together tire packages that would be the best tires for the lowest price. They treated me like i was an important customer and all i did was buy $300 sand tires, and Daniel discounted them to me. The hole time i told Mark i already had a service person but if it ever fell through i would give them a try. About a month later i needed some service done on one of my ATV's and my previous mechanic never called me back. So i called up Mark said " this is your chance to earn my service business" and brought the bike down to him. He gave me a fair price and completed the work in a timely manner, all the while having fun with me. This poor guy lets me pick on him every time i show up at the shop. 3 weeks later i showed back up with a used 400EX and said i need the Oil changed and a quick inspection and i need the bike back in 3 days cause i'm going to pismo. They had it done. So this last time i bring all 3 ATV's down, they store my trailer for me at no charge. Remove all my ATV's from my truck, and let me pay for each individual service one at a time since i didnt have $1500 lying around at the time. Mark was very cool and understanding and said it was no problem. When i went to pick up my ATV's they were all ready, loaded on my trailer, everything looked and ran great. I am So happy that i accidentally found Hudson motorcycles. Can't wait until they get some Sand Whips with their company name and logo on them. Great business run by great people. They always pick up when i call and they always answer all my questions. If they dont have an answer for me when i ask they always find the answer before i leave the shop. Thanks again Hudson Motorcycles"

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    Michael Sailor - Torrance, CA
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